A Planning Ombudsman - a town hall meeting

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WARRA has organised an open forum discussion and invited the Shadow Minister for Planning the Hon Tjorn Sibma and other guests to discuss the State Oppositions plan to create an office of the Planning Ombudsman.

The Hon. Tjorn Sibma recently announced a plan to combat the systemic issues to be found within the West Australian Planning System, The plan includes the creation of an independent Office of the Planning Ombudsman for `restoring balance` and to `make sure that it is fair, transparent and works in our long term interest`

Whilst WARRA welcome any discussion concerning much needed planning reform, Is an Ombudsman enough? can it work? will it have any teeth? - what about 3rd Party Appeal Rights? - is this a `plan` or is this Liberal Party policy? - can an ombudsman actually introduce procedural fairness or is it already doomed to become more window dressing?

We are confident that you have more questions than these, and community representatives and groups are invited to join us to hear stories outlining where and how the current planning system fails the community and what you think should be done about it.


1) The Problem : Community deputations:

WARRA have invited 6 speakers representing varied communities across the Perth Metro region highlighting various failings of the planning system that require immediate attention, our community representatives are;

  1. Paige McNeil - Save Perth Hills
  2. Cathy Broadbent - East Wanneroo District Structure Plan
  3. Beth Hewitt - JUDA - HOA's in Joondalup
  4. Jeff Fondacaro -  Save Ocean Reef
  5. Lynne Noack - Karrinyup Residents for Responsible Development
  6. Tim Pearson - Sunsets not Skyscrapers (Scarborough)

2) The Solution(s)

Could an office of the Planning Ombudsman fix Western Australia's procedurally unfair planning system? or do we need 3rd party appeal rights, rights are employed in all other states yet denied to West Australians, and are developer donations , banned in several other states part of the problem, or do we simply need a complete policy rewrite ? our 4 speakers are expected to address many of these questions;
  1. Hon. Tjorn Sibma - A planning Ombudsmen and other reforms
  2. Julie Matheson - founder of the WA Party and of long running community group ScrapTheDaps
  3. Sandra Boulter - Deputy Chair, Local Government Elected Members Association
  4. Clive Ross - Chairman WARRA

3) Q&A Over to you

Following the panel speakers the microphone will be open to the floor for questions , and hopefully answers from our panelists.
Attendees are also welcome to give a short statement on planning matters that affect their communities noting that due to time constraints priority will be given to questions to the panel.

WHERE Scarborough Sportsmans Club (view website)

WHEN Wednesday 10th March 2021 6:00PM

download the event flyer (pdf 480kb)


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