Local Government Reform, Democracy or Dictatorship?

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WARRA has organised an open forum discussion and invited the Minister for Local Government David Templeman, the Shadow Minister for Local Government Tony Kristicevic,the Presidents of WALGA and Local Government Professionals respectively Cr Lynne Craigie and Ian Cowie, and Mr Larry Graham to provide an update on the LGA Review and proposed amendments 

This "once in a generation" reform process is an opportunity to shape the characteristics of our Local Government for many years to come

Currently many in the broader community see Local Government as bureaucratic gatekeepers, more focused on their own needs and creating red tape than actually being an effective customer focused service organization.

While we can spend much time debating the ails of the current system, the most productive use of our time will surely be for ratepayers to clearly articulate what we expect from our LGA into the future.

This reform process is an opportunity to shape the culture, encourage efficiency and effectiveness, measure competitive performance, learn and improve across the entire sector.

It will be the role of the Minister and the Parliament to ensure that the review process reflects the needs of the community and not just those who work within the current system. It  will require political courage to make the changes that are so desperately needed, we should all encourage the Minister to make those fundamental changes. 

WHERE UWA Social Sciences Lecture theatre

WHEN Wednesday 10th April 2019 7:30PM

download the event flyer (pdf 480kb)


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The state Department of Local Government has entered into a partnership agreement with WALGA and LGProfessionals. These organisations explicitly do not represent the community. WARRA aims to represent elected members, communities and ratepayers to provide a voice for these unrepresented groups and to provide balance in local government. The Community must unite to make sure that the erosion of community rights is stopped.

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