Why Join Warra? - What WARRA can do for you

In summary, our objective is to provide advocacy and support to community groups, elected members and other stakeholders (including business entities) of Local Governments


As an umbrella organisation, WARRA endeavours to:

  • represent member residents, community groups and ratepayers to government and other stakeholders 
  • provide access to Government at a senior level
  • offer a coordinated response to the Local Government Act review, representing the interest of community and elected members


WARRA seeks to provide:

  •  Independent advice to Elected Members
  • Advice to community organisations
  • Sharing of experience between different Local Government communities
  • Training for prospective or current elected members


With a constituency representing many local governments,

WARRA can review and compare Local Government practices in terms of transparency, accountability, and statutory requirements under relevant legislation


WARA is in a position to:

  • Offer opportunity for coordinated action by community organisations
  • Facilitate and promote consultation, participation and co-operation between ratepayers, residents, elected members and government authorities (state and local) and other stakeholders




All WA Residents and Ratepayers are invited to join under a personal membership.

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Communities, Groups and Associations can apply for Group Membership.

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